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Fleur brings a unique perspective to wedding planning with over a decade of experience in the wedding industry. Having worked on on both the private planning and event venue side of weddings, we have a different way of approaching planning that supports and engages all parties while making it stress free and fun!


We believe in creating an experience of comfort, ease and positive excitement around your special day and strive to bring your wedding vision to life.

Having trained with some of the top wedding planners as well as with Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria and The Plaza Hotel NYC,  Fleur provides the highest level of service and knowledge based on experience, training and individual personality.  


No two couples are the same so no two weddings should the the same either!


Maybe a wedding planner is not what you are looking for and you want to do most of the planning all yourselves. Maybe you are looking for an experienced sounding board or a quick personalized resource? This is where Fleur's Consulting Services come in!


Fleur believes in being a personalized consulting resource to assist you in creating exactly what you want, exactly how you want.  No need to hire a full or part time planner when you may just need a quick helping hand or someone to talk to.


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How Can We Help You?

  • Complete wedding planning services all the way down the aisle

    Custom Pricing
  • No need to commit. Hourly consulting offers the ultimate flexibility

    $100 per Hour
  • Know that you are going to be needing a little extra help? We're here.

    Beginning at $400
  • Keep Fleur on retainer and have us available when you need us.

    Custom Pricing